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SkaraBrae Story

When people learned to farm and lived in permanent settlements, they began to make furniture. Some of the earliest known furniture in Europe comes from stone age, from a village at Skara Brae in the Orkney islands in Scotland about 2000 BC. Our knowledge of ancient furniture is mainly derived from scenes depicted in early art forms, such as pottery decorations and frescos. Perhaps the earliest furniture in existence is that found at Catal Huyuk in Turkey that dates from around 3000 BC. By the influence of this Godsent heritage, Skara Brae recapitulate it’s spelndid journey of untainted craftsmanship.

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SkaraBrae Products

Skara Brae’s expertise engravers and craftsmen help satisfy your most desired and bespoke furniture concepts, enliven the beauty and enchantment of the wild core, giving them the most classical and vintage touches on a custom design manner. It’s carved with passion of nature, thus letting your eyes stare at it’s astonishing allure. From the boundless bark to perfection, the furrowed ferric or otherwise Skara Brae gives classic elegance in custom design furniture by bringing its exquisite workmanship to life. It’s proficiency ensures nothing but the finest theories of art for its patrons- cherished of all times

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Once you’ve figured out where your loyalties lie, find out why that style appeals to you. Look at the visual attributes of each piece of furniture which allows you to tie together different styles through their shapes, material, colour and texture. Be determined by which aspect appeals to you. Its the prestigious brand Skara Brae’s assurance that you can merge your imagination and expectations about your dream furniture with our expertise and we bring you a smile !


Inspired designs

Dare to be different, dare to be unique ! some of our inspired designs enrich your emotions and comfort.


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Skarabrae's furniture is achieved by sensitively combining the tradition of hand production and design.


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We create pieces of art that are inimitable with unparalleled design and durability.


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